Activate your brand. AI-Powered.

All in one, all needs covered.

So you can do less spreadsheets and more of what you love.

  • Project management
  • Campaign distribution
  • Digital marketing tool
  • Brand management
  • Collaboration tool
  • Task management
  • Visual Display tools
  • Content creation
  • Marketing automation
  • Creative team management
  • Workflow management
  • Reporting
  • Retail analytics
  • Visual Merchandising app
  • Customer experience
  • File sharing and storage
  • Visual content
  • Visual storytelling
  • Creative brief software
  • Capacity Planning
  • Retail Design
  • Content optimization
  • In-store technology
  • Workflow optimization
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  • Tommy Hilfiger
  • s.Oliver
  • Comma
  • Calvin Klein
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  • Balenciaga
  • Tommy Hilfiger
  • s.Oliver
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  • Calvin Klein
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Activated content
Go-to-market time
Registered users
Completed tasks
Cost reduction


Brand AI

Brand activation made smart.

Design, launch and track effective campaigns to drive brand engagement.

Content AI

Content made fast.

Minimize manual work by using the power of AI to automatically distribute content to every touchpoint.

Project AI

Projects made easy.

Stay on track with your daily To-Dos and overarching projects without hassle.

Made for creative people, by creative people.

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Mobile access

Access the software from mobile devices for on-the-go project management.

Smart search

Smart Search helps you quickly find what you’re looking for with smart filters and instant results.


Manage project, task and campaign visually. No time wasted on scrolling through millions of tickets.


Tired of ugly CMS and DAM? The next-gen visual content management tool.

Instant messaging

Chat, comment, and share files with team members in real-time.


Create a personalised all-in-one hub while keeping it on-brand with your company’s look and feel.

Visual interface

Get a clear visual overview of projects with our user-friendly, customisable interface perfect for visual thinkers.


Spread the news to anyone you intend to share with. Motivate and engage your team, promote your brand – internally and with partners.


Celebrate success and engage your team. Show your best practices and let people like, comment and learn.


Easily keep track of your progress by following the guided step-by-step process workflow.


Label and categorise files to easily find them.

Content Editor

Go digital with retouch and artworking. Never miss deadlines — no matter the type of content.

To Dos

Create, assign, prioritise, and track tasks. Move tasks from multiple sources info to one platform and stay on top.


See how your brand activations, campaigns and projects are doing in real-time.


Connect your creative tools and database such as SAP, MS Office and Adobe Creative Suite.

Touch Point Data

Evolve from spreadsheets and track both physical and digital touch point specifics in a synchronised database.

Backup & Recovery

Keep your digital assets safe and available. Track and manage multiple versions of digital assets.


Automated notifications and reminders for tasks, deadlines, and approvals.


Distribute content automatically — driven by Content AI.


Submit detailed reports on the go, document executions and give feedback. Gain visibility and transparency.

AI driven

Tired of old school bad looking software with a million steps to fulfil? Let AI be your friend and saviour by simplifying and minimizing your workload.

Content Distribution

Struggling to meet deadlines in campaign rollouts? Let AI support you with tedious tasks to create maximum bang for your buck.

Access control

Decide who can see, edit and use your digital files.


Easy, flexible and modular.

Build your DASHDOCK app by app, it’s really that simple.

Select and activate the applications that best fit your needs now. Change later, or keep on adding on.

Need a custom plan?

Every business is different. Tell us about it.

You deserve a custom plan that fits your budget and matches your requirements.

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Everything is connected.

Integrate your daily apps in DASHDOCK an manage all tools, information and processes from one spot.


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